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This is I love me

I love me brings out your inner and outer glow! The event gathers the most exciting brands and the latest trends in beauty, fashion, and wellness under one roof.


The beauty product group brings the top names and latest innovations in skincare, beauty, and hair care. The beauty section showcases a wide range of cosmetics, skincare, and hair care products, along with the most appealing trends in beauty care. The content offers followers personal time and moments of pampering.


The fashion category offers options for self-expression and showcasing one’s personality, as well as thoughtful wardrobe choices.

This year, I love me’s fashion enthusiast Sami Sykkö will host the fashion stage program, play a significant role in co-creating the fashion area, and, as in previous years, select the most intriguing phenomena, innovations, products, and emerging trends of I love me.


The wellness and health theme offers information and talks on exercise, nutrition, and topics related to both inner and outer well-being. New this year is Finland’s largest workout area, accommodating hundreds of visitors training simultaneously.

Enjoy your favorite activities or try something completely new with yoga, mindfulness, and other activities. Popular workshops are also returning this year, allowing you to explore your emotional experiences and behavior patterns.

The program invites to the experiences

Shopping Night

On the opening day, November 29, 2024, the fair evening continues with friends until 8 PM, enjoying the post-workday good vibes, the fair atmosphere, and live music!

Exclusive offers, relaxed lounging, and live music will be there!”

Workout Area

This year’s event features more workout opportunities than ever before!

The even larger Workout Area brings together various types of exercise, from yoga to strength training, offering an unforgettable workout experience. All yoga and workout sessions are included in the ticket price.

The beauty and makeup area

In the beauty and makeup area, visitors can get ready for the season’s events with quick hairstyles and makeup.