20.10.2019 11:30 - 12:00 · 7g128 ·

The story of Bruns Products, an award winning professional haircare brand purely handcrafted in Sweden. Meet the founders Cecilia and Johanna.

BRUNS was founded by hairdressers Cecilia and Johanna. Their unique brand of high quality haircare products was inspired by their desire to create a non-toxic work environment and hair- care using only natural organic ingredients.

There are two BRUNS salons, one in Lund and one in Malmö, and a factory in Lund where BRUNS Products are handcrafted. They have received awards for their natural raw materials and their attention to environmental philosophy. BRUNS sponsors like-minded organisations and continues to create aesthetically appealing products that make a real difference for customers, professionals, and the environment.

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