eMessukeskus – an online service for companies

eMessukeskus brings everything related to fairs within easy reach, also on mobile devices.

eMessukeskus provides information on different fairs and fair attendance, and enables you to make and manage bookings and publish programme information, offers and press releases. You can also find all stand design and building information for each event through the eMessukeskus service.



eMessukeskus at your service

• eMessukeskus is easy to use
• You can access lots of information and register for fairs without signing in
• Personal usernames and passwords
• All fair participation information is stored in one place, but all fairs have their own pages
• The service provides you with ready-made participation options and additional products that complement your choices
• You can order almost all products and services required for attendance from one place
• All products and services ordered via the service are shown on the same invoice
• Important dates for each event are shown on a personal timeline. You will also be informed of important deadlines by e-mail.
• All information on bookings is stored in one place, facilitating project management and improving cost control

Meet face to face more than 57 900 visitors (visitor number from year 2017)!

Visitors want to know what’s new and are actively seeking information and personal advice about products and services related to well-being.

Book your stand

  • Do business
  • Increase the image of your company or product
  • Gather new customers
  • Encrease the loyalty of existing customers
  • Give your company a face
  • Meet with customers, retailers, media and bloggers

Many ways to participate

  • Book and plan the department yourself
  • You can choose from the many readymade stand alternatives
  • Be seen in Messukeskus advertising spaces
  • Take advantage of ready-made marketing materials
  • Implement the program with us

Leave an unforgettable memory of your company

Let’s make new experiences together for the visitors!

Testing and measurements • Cushion Sea • Nailbar • Beauty salon • Fragrant World Lounge • Clothing school • High heel walking advice • Eyebrow Styling Bar • Barber Street • Massage Spa & Salon area • Pop-up shop • Porridge Bar • Friday after work offers


(Health, Beauty, Naturally, Fashion, Jewel&Watch)

Messukeskus advertising spaces offers a wide range of solutions for exhibitors to participate

Joint ventures and theme of compartments
• Promo-sections
• Partnership
• Many different advertising spaces in Messukeskus during the event








Face to face encounter with all of your senses is known to be the most effective way to communicate and influence people. Think about how you could make use of the senses and get the best results. Plan your goals in advance and follow the progress during the event. Also, after the event, remember to contact your leads and send thank-you messages for the visitors who have left their contact information.

The possibilities are endless.
Let´s make plans together!

Beauty, Natural Cosmetics

Beauty, Natural Cosmetics

+358 50 490 9625


Fashion, Eco-fashion

Fashion, Eco-fashion

+358 50 355 2293


Health, Naturally, Jewel & Watch

Health, Naturally, Jewel & Watch

+358 40 450 3529


I Love Me

Welcome to offer unforgettable experiences to our visitors!

The I love me event is an opportunity for you to approach sales and marketing in new imaginative ways. A face-to-face encounter is the most efficient way to influence the decisions of consumers and professionals.

The Beauty Fair is an opportunity for you to meet consumers with purchasing power who are interested in their looks and well-being. Visitors will have the chance to find out about the latest products and services, shop and find information they themselves are interested in. The Beauty Fair is also an inspiring environment for beauty professionals.

Last year the I love me event attracted almost 58,000 visitors with purchasing power. Let us together plan a participation solution that suits exactly your company. Why not team up with your partners and set up a pop-up beauty lounge?


Reach the target group that is just right for you

The I love me event is an opportunity for you to connect with consumers with purchasing power who are interested in their looks and well-being and professionals in your field in an inspiring setting. Visitors will have the chance to find out about the latest products and services, shop and receive personal advice on well-being products and services. The average age of visitors is 38 years and the average sum spent at the fair is 117 euros. 70% of the visitors are from Helsinki metropolitan area. In addition, the visitors feel at home at the fair and stay there an average of 3.3 hours. In 2017, the whole I love me event attracted almost 58,000 visitors.


Make use of our advertising space to attract customers to your stand!

The I love me club already has 80,000 members. Club letters are popular and offer a good way to reach your target group; the members of each event have personally ordered information on the event and topics that interest them. Special fair offers, members’ benefits, etc. are good ways to attract new customers. Or how does additional sales during the fair sound? Attract visitors to your stand by sending a customised message to the visitors who downloaded the Messukeskus app. Visitors to Messukeskus also spend time at the restaurants. We offer you the option to brand the Helsinki Café in the lower gallery or one of the restaurants in the exhibition halls. There are many branding options available, ask for more information from the sales manager!