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The I love me event is an opportunity for you to approach sales and marketing in new imaginative ways.

Visitors will have the chance to find out about the latest products and services, shop and receive personal advice on well-being products and services.

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Welcome to offer unforgettable experiences to our nearly 60 000 visitors!

Fashion and Lifestyle

The fashion area brings together Finnish designers, well-known international brands, jewellery, watches, eco-fashion, and Finland’s largest fashion shows. Autumn glamour and trends from the top names!


Spas and day spas

This area is the perfect place for enjoyment and relaxation with the help of various beauty treatments and massages. Visitors can also discover spa trips and therapeutic trips to different parts of the world.


Pop-up hairdressers offer this autumn’s trendiest quick cuts and styling tips, as well as care products, hairstyles, makeovers, plaiting (braiding) lessons and facial hair care. There is a separate participation option for independent, small-scale hairdressers.


The makeup area showcases this season’s hottest makeup trends, tips and stylings. There is a separate participation option for independent, small-scale makeup professionals.


Eyelashes and nails

Finland’s most skilful nail and eyelash artists provide eyelash and eyebrow colouring and shaping, as well as fashion (artificial) nails and gel nails. Also three national-level competitions, in nail art, body painting and makeup.

Pharmacy area

Finding the right products, preventing illness and treating various types of ailments. On offer are solutions such as pharmaceutical cosmetics, self-medication treatments, dietary supplements and vitamins.

Vision and eyecare area

In this area visitors can get any help they may need related to eye health and eye surgery. Here you will also find the best of this autumn’s glasses and sunglass outlet!


Medical services and comprehensive healthcare, including oral healthcare. Also the activities of various health-related organisations and associations. The programme point provides answers to questions related to one’s own health.


Sleep and rest

In this area visitors can test beds and learn about sleep ergonomics and sleep quality. Visitors can also get tips on things such as the importance of rest for coping and the effects of sleep quality on body functioning.

Workouts and exercise

Showcases fitness centres and various sports. In the workout area, visitors can take part in the sport of the day. Tips are provided by personal trainers and nutritionists. The area also has the most popular heart rate monitors and sportswear.


Finland’s biggest brands gather to provide a varied diet to support exercising and improving health.

Nature remedies

Make your body feel good! Among the services offered in this area are body alignment treatment, energy treatments, aura analyses, a meditation corner and a silent area.

Natural cosmetics

The area also features Finnish and international natural cosmetics brands. The natural day spa is perfect for relaxing with eco-friendly beauty treatments.


A healthy diet supports all-round wellbeing. This area has dietary products from local producers, products for special diets, superfoods and other healthy nutrition, and more.

Yoga and other relaxing forms of exercise

This area is dedicated to relaxation, meditation and trying out various classes – in short, for experiencing perfect peace of mind.

Wise wellbeing tips for older people

Visitors can learn tips and tricks related to beauty care for older people, and there are various services and devices for wellness. Makeovers are also offered, as well as measurements and tests to help maintain health and wellbeing.

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